Annual Meeting 23/05/2017

Annual Meeting 23/05/2017

May 20, 2017 News

The Annual General meeting of Ilsington Parish Council to be held in Liverton Village Hall on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 7.30 p.m for the purpose of transacting the business as set out below.



                                                                           Mrs C Retallick. (Clerk to the Council)




Councillors are reminded that they must declare any prejudicial interests they may have in any item to be considered at this meeting, prior to the commencement of the meeting.


  1. Election of Chairman and declaration of acceptance of office of Chairman


  1. Election of Vice Chairman


  1. To accept apologies for absence.


  1. Declaration of interest in items on the agenda.


  1. Appointment of Committees: -            Planning Committee


Finance and Standards Committee


Allotment Committee


            (a)Review the term of reference for committees


  1. Appointment of Parish council representatives on outside bodies.


Liverton Village Hall


Ilsington Village Hall including Village Shop Committee




Rural Aid Fund


Teignbridge Association of Local Councils


Dartmoor Forum


School Liaison Officer


Snow Warden/s


Tree Officer/s


  1. Appointment of Trustees to:-   Ilsington United Charity


  1. Adoption of standing orders and financial Regulations including internal control policy.


  1. Emails – to agree to receive all paperwork by email relating to the meetings and business of the council as per the Localism Act 2011


  1. PUBLIC FORUM & MEMBERS COMMENTS – (limited to 10 minutes)


(Applicants with planning applications for consideration may also speak for up to 3minutes on behalf of their own application)


  1. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on April 25th2017


  1. Clerks report including


  1. To receive reports from District, County Councillors, DNPA Ranger and Police.


  1. Council insurance renewal – for information only.


  1. Review Fixed assets register


  1. Review the publication scheme relating to request made under the freedom of information act 2000.


  1. Review the dates and venues of meeting for the forthcoming year


  1. Review the End of year accounts and approve for publication


  1. Approve the Annual Governance Statement


  1. Approve the Accounting statements


  1. Dangerous road in Liverton on Election Day


  1. To consider the planning applications received from Teignbridge District Council and Dartmoor National Park Authority.


  1. a)  DNPA 0196/17 - Proposal: Use of building as a separate dwelling house and gardens at TheBungalow, Sycamore House, Ilsington.


  1. b) TDC 17/00978/TPO –Reduce lowest limb of one oak by 2.5m; crown lift one ash; crown reduce one oak by up to 2.5m laterally and fell one oak, all within area A1.  Crown reduce one oak by up to 2.5 m laterally; remove lowest limb on one oak and crown reduce one oak by up to 2.5 laterally, all within group G1.


  1. c)  DNPA 0210/17 - Proposal: Replacement dwelling at Windy Croft, Green Lane, Ilsington


  1. d)  DNPA 0009/17 – proposed demolitions of existing living area and kitchen and construction of two storey extension at Little cottage, Higher Brimley (Amended Plans)


  1. e)  DNPA 0223/17 -Proposal: Erection of balcony to first floor at SilverWood Barn, Simms Hill, Ilsington


  1. f)  TDC 17/01015/VAR - Variation of condition 2 on planning permission 08/02100/FUL for improved system of foul sewage disposal at Ingsdon Quarry


  1. g)  TDC 17/00938/TPO - Fell one oak (T1 on the submitted plan) and crown reduce one oak (T2 on the submitted plan) by 2 metres in height and width, removing epicormic growth at 10 Oaklea Park Liverton


  1. h)  DNPA 0234/17 – Proposed construction of forest track at Land at Pool Down Wood, Liverton Brook.


                Grant of Conditional Planning permission

  • TDC 17/00401/ Star Inn, Liverton New extract out-take to the roof with mushroom cowl and new louver to front of building


  1. To receive reports from Parish Councillors on outside bodies.


  1. To authorise payments of cheques presented. 


  1. Correspondence.




To confirm the next meeting of Ilsington Parish Council on Tuesday June 27th 2017 in Ilsington Village Hall at 7.30 pm.