Christmas Waste Revised Collection

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TDC Christmas Revised Waste Collection

 Normal date                        Revised date

Mon 24 December                As normal

Tues 25 December               Thursday 27 Dec

Wednesday 26 December    Friday 28 Dec

Thursday 27 December        Sat 29 Dec

Friday 28 December             Mon 31 Dec

Monday 31 Dec                    Wed 2 Jan

Tuesday 1 Jan                      Thurs 3 Jan

Wednesday 2 Jan                Fri 4 Jan

Thursday 3 Jan                    Sat 5 Jan

Friday 4 Jan                         Mon 7 Jan

Mon 7 Jan                            Tues 8 Jan

Tues 8 Jan                           Wed 9 Jan

Wed 9 Jan                           Thurs 10 Jan

Thurs 10 Jan                       Fri 11 Jan 

Fri 11 Jan                            Sat 12 Jan

If we are unable to collect from you on the dates shown above, please leave your bins and boxes out until they are emptied. We will get to you as soon as possible.

What can I recycle at Christmas?

Cards and wrapping - You can recycle your plain cards and paper based wrapping with your cardboard in your green recycling box. Shiny plastic wrapping must be put in your black bin.

Aluminium Foil - You can now recycle your clean foil mince pie cases, kitchen foil and foil lids from cream tubs in your black recycling box. Some other Christmas waste looks like foil but it’s not! We don’t collect crisp packets, sweet wrappers and shiny plastic gift wrap. Please put these in your black bin.

Cardboard - Too much cardboard to fit in your green recycling box? Fold, flatten or tear larger boxes to fit in your green box. Remember we collect recycling every week so you can put it out over a couple of collections.  Large amounts of cardboard can be taken to your nearest recycling bank.

Food waste - Recycle all your veg peelings and food scraps in your food waste container and we’ll collect it weekly. Don’t waste your leftovers, check out recipe ideas at

Real Christmas Trees Our FREE Christmas tree recycling points will be back across the District in January 19. The dates and locations are listed on our website.

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