Parish Council Noticeboard

Annual Parish Meeting

Ilsington Parish Council invites ALL Parishioners to attend,

on Tuesday 12th of March 2019



TDC Christmas Revised Waste Collection

Trago Pensioner' week Monday 26th - Friday 30th November 2018.

TDC Rural Skip at Liverton on Saturday 27th October 10am til 4pm 

A free community messaging system to inform members of the public about crimes and incidents affecting their local area.

From September 2018 we will be able to collect aluminium foil for recycling as part of our kerbside collection service. Residents will be able to recycle foil trays, lids and wrapping in their


Rural Skip at Ilsington Village Hall on Saturday 22nd September from 10am till 4pm.

Open meeting for the parishioners of Ilsington at Ilsington Village Hall on Tuesday 27th March at 8pm.


Thank you to all that turned out for the community litter pick on Sunday 25th March 2018at Liverton.  Along with the help from the previuos week from



Thank you to all who attended the community litter pick on Sunday 25th Marchat Ilsington Playing fields we collected several large bags of


Volunteer for Dartmoor National Park

Spend some time on the second Sunday of each month helping to look after one of Dartmoor's many beauty spots with Simon Lee the section



Councillors have been visiting the allotment



field in Liverton this week and were pleased to see very well kept and productive



A Charabanc Outing and Afternoon Cream Tea!

It is with pleasure that we have arranged for a Parish outing on


At the councils request Mike Beasley and his team of volunteers completed a litter pick along the ‘Old A38’ this morning clearing the rubbish from the side of the road, a huge thank you to Mike


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